Health Facility Registry


Health Facility Registry is an interactive web-based analytical visualization tool that has a Master Inventory List of Health Facilities in Nepal with unique identification code, location, type, level, and service information that can be used by the Government and public .


  • To provide detailed information about all health facilities and their location (on a live map).
  • To permit filtering to show different kinds of facilities and the services they provide.
  • To allow users to search for closest or preferred facility by name or type of service required.
  • To give information on shortest distance between one facility and another to enable rational planning for referral.
  • To visualize service coverage by population density at the Palika/Ward level.
  • To help planners identify gaps or clustering of specific types of services.
  • To enable creation of helpful graphs and tables.
  • To be linked with other databases to show licensing information, emergency sites for earthquake or epidemic response, and much more.